Mizu 1000/6000-Grit Combination Whetstone w/ Guider

  • Professionally developed: This classic Japanese combination whetstone was meticulously crafted by experienced knife makers as the perfect tool for sharpening all your knives. With the use of the Mizu Whetstone your knives will be sharper then they day they were forged in the factory!
  • Double Sided: 1000-grit side is perfect for duller blades and setting the edge. 6000-grit side is exceptionally fine—ideal for refreshing or finishing a razor-sharp edge. The versatile sides allow for the sharpening of all types of blades from scissors and pocket knives to samurai swords.
  • Full Set: Includes a durable bamboo tray to ensure stability when sharpening. Also includes an angle guider to help beginners fine tune their sharpening skills.
  • Gift Box: The Mizu whetstone is packaged and sealed in a beautiful patterned box serving as a wonderful gift for chefs, cooks or anyone who enjoys sharp knives!
  • Our Promise: Feel free to use our whetstone with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As a local business in Southern California we stand behind our knives and are here to help you with any questions you may have.


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